Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wust El Balad

Wust El Balad

If any band in Cairo has managed to prove that underground bands can have a strong presence in a mainstream market, it's Wust El Balad. Since 1999, the band has been performing, touring, composing, and getting even bigger. Their music has been also featured in some Egyptians films by great directors like Khairy Beshara. The band's music, an amazing blend of sounds, combines traditional Arabic music with a modern and western twist, making their music accessible. After a long wait.

Band Members:

Adham El Said
Born on April 6,1969
In 1999, two guys got together, formed a band, joined by 6 others, and started the dream. That is the basic story behind the Wust El Balad band.

Hany Adel
Born on September 8,1976
He is one of the two founders of the Group. Besides composing few of the songs, Hany’s performance is a whole show in itself. His lively Guitar playing combined with his sensitive voice bring energy to the band.

Ahmed Omran
Born on November 15,1977
He is one of the founders of the Group. He is considered one of the best Oud players.
Omran is the only member in the band who has an academic musical background. He also plays the Flute and composes few of the songs.

Ismail Fawzy (3agyna)
Born on April 8, 1978
Ismail’s talent and attitude add joyful taste to the band. He is a Computer Science graduate. He also composes few of the songs. He pays great attention to the lyrics. He is a singer who believes in what he sings. His favourite song, Magnoun, is pure evidence.

Mohammed Gamal ElDin (MIZO)
Born on February10, 1982
With a family background of musicians, he wanted to pursue the same career - his grandfather being one of the famous composers in Egypt. Mizo lightens the stage with his outstanding performance on
the Percussion. He plays sensational music as a duo with Bob.

Ehab Abd El Hameed (BOB)
Born on November 6, 1976
Ehab began his real career with Wust el Balad band. He is a Law graduate. Bob was the first to play the Cajon – a famous Spanish instrument. You can never miss the enthusiasm in his performance. Bob together with Mizo form a great Percussion duo in Egypt.

Ahmed Omar
Born on September 28, 1977
Born in Egypt to an Eriterian father, certainly affected his sense of music.
He plays Base Guitar. Being overwhelmed by music, Omar resigned from his former job as a German teacher.
His "Eritrea" melody reflects a true sense of imagination and creativity.

Asaad Nessim
Born on November14, 1964
Asaad started playing the Piano for over 6 years, before figuring out that Spanish guitar is his main destiny.
He plays with such concentration and a unique technique, thus hypnotizing the audience with his solo performance.

Arabily 2008

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