Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Describe themselves at facebook:

Our songs is about the meaning of life , Worries we're facing , Love and friendship.Our songs is about the Art of Living
There is Harmony between us , What we say , What We Think , What we Play and Feel ... Feel The Music ... Live in Harmony With (Harmony Band)

Band Members:

MOhammed Fawzy ( Lead Vocal)
Adham (Keyboard)
Ramy Housam (Romairo) (Spanish Guitar'' Solo'')
ٌRo2a ( Spanish Guitar ''Rhythms'')
Gipsy ( Electric Guitar)
Seka (Bass Guitar)
Loay & Amir (Violin)
Mohammed Naser (Ud)
Bishoy (Drumer)
SemSem (Percussions)
Seleman (Tabla)
Mahmoud Ghareb & Romairo ( Backing Vocal)
1-matlob 2anesa ll3amal
2-y3awd 3alena rabena
3-matshelsh fe nafsk
4-el rotin
5-a3'la 2nsana
6-3ash2 malm7k
7-eh 2ly by7sl fe albalad
8-7ala (Music)

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