Thursday, July 30, 2009


DIMA is a word in many different Arabians and north Africans accents which means always.
& so we'll keep on singing and playing music as long as you love our songs and music... to hear every word we say to feel every note we play our fans> we play for you make us some noise as long as we are alive.... as long as we are DIMA

A group of Egyptian youth decided to take music a mean to their dreams and targets, knitting their dreams with expressive words and wonderful music that is closer to the Egyptian street pain and sufferings that live with in it.

dima a musical band, only one year old dreams to reach international skies through its songs that are a mix between Arabic and English words, full of the people's feelings of non belonging and unsafety.

Band Members :-
Haitham Ebeed : Lute & Vocal
Wissam Sultan : Lead Guitar & Vocal

Muhammad Kamal: Lead Guitar
Waleed Sha'aban : Drums

Amr Elzanaty : Percussion.
Basam Sha3aban : Bass Guitar .

Niveen Ali: Band Manager

Dima band group on Facebook


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