Wednesday, July 1, 2009

3dad Digital

3dad Digital is an artistic workshop of six members.The essence of this workshop is to create a synchronization of live and electronic music.The basic music structure is created by the leading three composers of the group which is open during the workshop for all members to add their input.

This contribution of all members results in authenticity and uniqueness.Although 3dad Digital started their rehearsals several months ago,they produced a limited number of tracks because their aim is to present
a distinguished work.

A living proof to the success of this effort is the enthusiastic reception and feedback they received on their first performance during the electronic music festival at El Sawy culture wheel, Feb.2009.
Their satisfaction with that experience encouraged them to carry on,as they will participate in the SOS music festival in may 2009.

Band Members:
Ahmed Omran
Mohamed Shafik (composer/saxophone)
Hany Adel
(composer/Lead Singer/guitar)
Hosam ghaleb (Base Guitar)
wissam Sultan (Lead Guitar/Vocal)
Kareem Torky (Saxophone/clarinet/traditional Flutes)
Bassam Yakot (Sound Eng.and Group Management)


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