Monday, April 6, 2009

S.O.S Music Festival vol.10 & Souad Massi

Mark your calendars! For S.O.S vol.10 on the 8th of May, which is to be held at El Gezira Youth Center (Markaz Shabab El Gezira).
This time, the scope of the SOS Music Festival will expand again from the local scene to the Arab one as Souad Massi, the leading light among the young Algerian artists will be performing in our upcoming S.O.S vol.10

Now you can start answering the questionnaire :)

To get your tickets for S.O.S vol.10 please click on the link to start answering our questionnaire now and please note that the questionniare will be closed on Friday 24th April Questionnaire

SOS 10: Purely SOS!

SOS Music Festival is back in its tenth volume! To celebrate original music for the tenth time with our die-hard SOSers (fans and musicians), we came up with a new invitation distribution process. To make sure that all those who want to attend the festival are there for the original music and the fun, art-loving crowd, invitations will be distributed according to:

1-A questionnaire.
2-A fee for the ticket paid only by those who answered the questionnaire and are accepted.

For a more positive, fun SOS experience, we decided that quality matters more than quantity. That’s why we’ll make sure through our new questionnaire and new paid-invitation regulations that all the festival’s crowds are original music and SOS fans.

Keep tuning to our website to know more information about questionnaire, venue, participating bands and from where you will claim your tickets after answering our questionnaire.

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