Sunday, December 14, 2008


Gemmeza - جميزة

"One main idea led to the formation of Gemmeza; the idea of beginning a mission to bring back an Egyptian character to contemporary Egyptian music. The band tries to represent an Egyptian spirit through their music, which they compose and put lyrics to by doing workshops in which they create their music. Gemmeza is funded by the poet Nasser El Nubi. He founded the band upon publishing his first book 'Mirror of Water,' which pushed him to search for the "real" Egyptian song.

Gemmeza =the eternal tree which lives more than 700 yerars old we are performing egyptians songs old and modern looking for the egyptians original music"

Nasser EL Noubi - poet & Managing Director

The Band Includes 10 members varying between musicians and singers,the band aims at preserving the Arabic Egyptian Musical Identity through Contemporary songs..and keeping the Egyptian and Arabic heritage in mind as a main base to connect and develop between the international musical generations...

Guemeza Members :
nasser el nubi mansur
mohamed ismael (vocal)
enas essam (vocal)
ahmed fathy (vocal)
eslam (oud)
hisham (key board)
amer el masri (spanich guitar)
bahaa el zahabi (lead guitar)
mohamed raafa (drams)
ahmed bebo (percussion)
ahmed abo madin (oriental percussion)
seka bass (guitar)
reda (vocal compose)

The Name :
"Gemmeza" comes from the Egyptian tree : El Guemez,because it's the Mother Egyptian Tree which represented to the ancient Egyptian resurrection and immortality because the Guemez tree lives for more than 700 years,and so it represents the genuine continuation in the composing and singing in a contemporary way..Also it doesn't withold it's shadow no matter how hot the sun gets..

Goals Of Gemmeza:
1- Preserving the traditional song in a modern and contemporary way that blends with what happens in the world of today.
2- Support and develop small talents through group workshops that elevates the importance and value of teamwork.
3- To Take interest in the singing poems that communicates with the culture of society depending on both the emotional and mental sides.
4- The continuing search for talented poets all over the nation.
5- The Continuing search for the varying musical and poetic heritage to reach the origins of music and singing.
6- attempting to resurrect the musical theatre.
7- Organizing musical concert to inform the youth of the pioneers of Arabic and International thinking.
8- Organizing musical concert to point out the danger of some diseases

Gemmeza's Homepage Gemmeza's Facebook Group E-Mail


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