Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Black Theama

Black Theama

It all started when Amir, a Nubian actor and singer, met the Aswani Abdo, in a theatre rehearsal. Knowing that they both write lyrics and compose music that is highly influenced by their background, they instantly teamed up. Passionate as they are about their roots and music, they decided to form their own band, playing music and singing in a very unique and modern manner. After choosing 'Charisma' as their name, the band soon started rehearsing for their first live performance, which was part of the International Music Day Festival at the Cairo Opera House in 2002.

The two vocalists, Amir and Abdo, decided to put their music ambitions on hold as they were busy with their acting career. However, their plans changed drastically when they met Bahr in a concert in 2004. Instantly, they both decided that he’s definitely a part of the team. It was obvious that he had their same musical passion as he came from the same Nubian background and composed his own songs. It was then time to choose the musicians. Shams, a young talented percussionist, quickly introduced them to other musicians with similar musical interests and they started rehearsing on the spot till they had their first concert in El Sawy Culture Center in August 2004.

Band Members:
Mohamed Abdelaziz
Medhat Ali Mohamed
Ahmed Reda Bahr
Amir Salah Eldin
Moustafa Elsaid Moustafa
Mohamed Ahmed Saleh
Amr Hasan Hosny
Adel Ibrahim
Mohamed Abdo
Mohamed Samy
Amr Atef Elshimy

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